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Welcome to Komuniti Kita

Welcome to the world of Komuniti Kita!

My name is F8, and I’m your friendly neighbourhood AI robot.

Let’s follow our friends Ali, Aisyah, Mary, and Chen on their great adventure to achieve their financial aspirations. They need your help to achieve their goals!

Are you ready to start your adventure?

About us

Brought to you by FWD Takaful

At FWD Takaful, we aspire to change the way people feel about takaful. Our aim is to emphasize the values of mutual assistance and help to make our community a better place. Through Komuniti Kita, players can experience how takaful is beneficial to all layers of society. We hope Komuniti Kita makes financial management engaging and easy to understand for everyone. Come experience the happiness of takaful with us!

Meet your Friends

Ali – Hello, I’m Ali! I got into an accident once, fortunately – my mother participated in a medical takaful plan, so I was able to get the medical treatment I needed. Join me on my adventure to share the happiness of takaful while saving money to accomplish my dream of opening a book cafe!

Aisyah – Hi, I’m Aisyah! Thank to a term takaful plan, I was able to continue my studies. Now, I’m on mission to tell the world about takaful, graduate with top honours and save some money to renovate my family home!

Mary – Hello, I’m Mary! My father once had a heart attack. Luckily, he was able to take time off from work by using the money from his critical illness takaful plan. I want to tell everyone about takaful and save money to start my own charity with my father for our community!

Chen – Hi, I’m Chen! I learned about takaful from my father. Thanks to the hospital cash allowance from his takaful plan, we were able to stay afloat when he was hospitalized. I am on a journey to save money to expand my father’s coconut drink business and share the happiness of takaful with everyone!

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3) Have Fun!

4) Provide feedback for us to improve the game.

Should you have any inquiries about Komuniti Kita or how your personal data is used within the Komuniti Kita gaming platform, please email us at enquiry[@]commonextract[dot]com

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